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My computer was tampered with by a GuruAid Technician 7/23/14 approximately 1:20 pm to approx. 3:30 pm. Suddenly I was disconnected. Prior to the LogMeIn situation, my computer work fine no problems. When I attempted to do work on my computer, it is corrupted. I am unable save document, IT converts to auto recovery-read only, and unable to exit/close/open documents. I called GuruAid and... Read more

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This is my 5th time in calling your company supposedly had computer fixed on friday blue screen appears by monday with noise said they could fix put on remote control with tech gone to blue screen once again 6th phone call made original what i rang for on thursday was just to have my norton reinstalled and supposedly your techs saw all these other issuses wrong with computer just want the while... Read more

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I called for help in reinstalling my Kaspersky anti virus and it was Guru aid they told me my computer needed to be cleaned before they could reinstall Kaspersky I was charged a one time fee of 50 dollars . Well a couple of days later there were fraudulent charges on my bank account I had not given my bank card numbr to anyone else and on top of that now my computer keeps losing internet... Read more

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I was on the phone two diferant time for over an hour an a half!!!! The first time the so called tech install a third party tool from AGV so he could scan my computer for errors after scanning my computer he then wanted 100.00 and I quickly closed everything an cut him off! The next morning my computer couldn't access the internet none of my programs would come up and I couldn't type in... Read more

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When the tech answered I assumed I was talking to the MacPhee people even tho he said he was Gurutec. He proceeded to remotely scann my compter and said it was fixed after keeping me on the phone then he said I should sign up for a 2 year program so I could get help anytime. I frustrated him my computer was 13 years old but he said I should sign up. I finally was passed to a manager who... Read more

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I thought I called eset tech support and was forwarded to a tech service and I asked is this eset tech support and the answer was we configure all computer software for the major security software.My eset[ tech support]is free,so guruaid asked to run a diagnoses and upon running said I had viruses and malware and to get them removed I could pay 169.00 dollars for a full year maintence and... Read more

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I called what I thought was a norton tech support line as well but was actually calling GuruAid. I had the FBI Moneypak virus and couldn't access my computer. After following their instructions about going to the F8 menu and selecting "repair computer" they restored my computer to a week earlier. I was then allowed to get access my computer. Then the representative took control of my computer and... Read more

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I gave them access to my computer when I later found out this was completely unnecessary. They then tried to charge me for software I can download off the internet for free when they initially told me it would be for free. I watched them remote search my computer. They were going through many programs and software. I don't know what they have done to my computer or even if they are secure... Read more

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Called the company after getting information off the Internet . Surprising why Microsoft don't open up shps directly under their name to repair computers instead of us ending up with third party repairers. I am sitting in front the pc for about 6 hours since I. Have paid for the the service online already. I am going to be relieved only when my PC is sorted tonight. Not sure if this is not... Read more

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when i called a number thinking it was a norton representative, i got a representatice who never indicated or said anything about being from guruaid other than accessing my computer, acting like he's a norton representative and tryng to sell me a load of ***, waw, u guys should be reported to the FBI and BBB for misrepresentation, what a shame, . I will take some action I only let him access... Read more

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